Hi! I'm Alex. Nice to meet you!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm a musician living and working in Dallas, TX. I'm primarily a bassist, but I also play drums, keyboard, ukulele, vibraphone, and melodica for various personal projects of mine. I play Jazz, R&B, and Experimental Neosoul.

I've been performing professionally since 2013, and I've played in many venues in the DFW area (Prophet Bar, City Performance Hall, and SoHo Food & Jazz, among others) and I continue to busk in the Deep Ellum area. If you're lucky, you may even catch me and some friends jamming on the corner of Crowdus and Main!

I've also been composing and arranging since 2011. I started writing EDM under the name Phazer Dubstep (which later became PHZR) and started an independent label, Space Dog Executive. When I started to delve deeper into music theory, I began writing classical pieces, such as "Etude in Dastgah-e Chahargah", an experimental piece written in graphical notation. Since 2014, the majority of my compositional efforts have gone towards Jazz music, with songs like "Madeline", "Baby Lane", and "Chroma Color". (Sheet music for most of my compositions can be found here.)

My current projects include At The Last Minute (a Jazz quartet with Chris Posada, Alexis Herrera, and Tony Hernandez), my Alex Bagheri YouTube channel (where I do solo covers using various instruments and a looping pedal), and the W. T. White Jazz Ensemble (an arranging and composing project for my high school).

For more information, check out my social media accounts. Have a great day!